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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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in                   PART FIRST
Ay, even afloat his concentrations work :
Two vast united squadrons of his sail
Move at this moment viewless on the seas.—
Their whereabouts, untraced, unguessable,
Will not be known to us till some black blow
Be dealt by them in some undreamt-of quarter
To knell our rule.
That we are reasonably enfenced therefrom
By such an Act is but a madman's dream. . . .
A commonwealth so situate cries aloud
For more, far mightier, measures I    End an Act
In Heaven's name, then, which only can obstruct
The fabrication of more trusty tackle
For building up an army!   (Cheers.)
Sir, the point
To any sober mind is bright as noon; Whether the Act should have befitting trial Or be blasphemed at sight    I firmly hold The latter loud iniquity.—One task Is theirs who would inter this corpse-cold Act (So said)--to bring to birth a substitute! Sir, they have none; they have given no thought to
And thus their deeds incautiously disclose Their cloaked intention and most secret aim! With them the question is not how to frame A finer trick to trounce intrusive foes, But v;ho shall be the future ministers To whom such trick against intrusive foes, Whatever it may prove, shall be entrusted! They even ask the country gentlemen To join them in this job.    But, God be praised, Those gentlemen are sound, and of repute; Their names, their property, their character, Their numbers, their attainments* and their blood,
(Ironical Opposition cheers,} 33                                    D